Introducing Multitrance Amsterdam. A veteran of the CBD scene, Multitrance Amsterdam is a reliable pioneer when it comes to all things edible CBD, offering only the finest of CBD consumables for their many loyal customers worldwide.

We offer a selection of yummy treats, oils, and accessories from their varied collection, including a shisha pipe, cannabis brownies, CBD oil, and Strawberry flavoured CBD gummy bears.

Who is Multitrance Amsterdam?

With over 25-year experience under their belt manufacturing, producing, and distributing CBD products, Multitrance Amsterdam knows a thing or two about CBD innovation and perfection. Specializing in cannabis food and edibles, the veteran CBD company was born in the first embers of a newly-rising CBD market, only to witness its revolution and skyrocket in popularity years later.

Multitrance Amsterdam

Multitrance Amsterdam

During this time, they’ve continued to improve their products and expand their collection while also expanding their global reach, amassing customers in over 45 countries worldwide. Ever eager to develop, they also claim ownership of 6 subsidiaries, including Multitrance, Medi|CBD, Astra Hemp, Haze Holland, Bubbly Billy Buds, and Gold Leaf. Their impressive range spans CBD edibles, beverages, confectionaries, oils, and accessories.

But their reputation is not only due to their long-lasting stay in the industry and ability to continue prospering, rather than their unfailing dedication to improvement and quality. The Dutch Ministry of Health regularly inspects and quality checks their products, and they promise to produce quality products that meet the highest standards of cannabis and CBD products.

Shop Multitrance Amsterdam CBD Products at Xmania

If you’d like to sample what decades of dedication and passion for CBD tastes like, look no further. We offer a little slice of Multitrance Asterdam’s varied CBD product collection, including a Shisha pipe, cannabis salted caramel brownie, CBD gummies, and their very own CBD oil – enjoy!

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