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What is the difference between coils and pods?

The vaping pod is a removable vessel that holds your e-juice. They typically hold about 2mls of liquid and come in two basic types. A closed-system vape pod comes prefilled with your choice of e-juice and is discarded once it's empty. These are a very convenient, easy-to-use option. An open-system vape pod can be refilled manually and requires a little more care.

Vaping coils are the replaceable element within your kit that absorbs the e-juice from a pod and draws power from the battery to heat the liquid up. This heat then turns the e-juice into the vapour you inhale. There are three main types based on their level of resistance in Ohms and the users' ability to control how great or small that resistance is.

How long do vape pods and coils last?

The life of your vape pods and coils depend on how much e-juice it holds and how much you tend to draw in while you are inhaling and the content of the juice.

In general, and with moderate use, you can expect a typical pod to provide about a week of vaping. The type of coil you are using changes how much vapour is produced with each puff, so lower Ohm coils will use up your e-juice more quickly.

Vaping coils are different from pods in that they will continue to function, but you will gradually notice a difference in the flavour. If you are very sensitive to these changes you will need to change them more frequently. On average, however, you should be able to use a typical coil for about a week without any noticeable burnt taste from the e-juice.

How can I change the coil in my vape pod?

Replaceable coil vape pods are very simple to manage and the entire process can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Unscrew the tank from your vape kit
  • Empty out any remaining juice. Have a paper towel or cloth handy for any spills.
  • Unscrew the coil from your vape
  • Add a few drops of your replacement vape juice to the cotton centre of the new coil to prevent it from burning on the first use
  • Refill the tank
  • Replace the tank and coil into the kit and you are good to go!

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