Now relish the ultimate traditional smoking experience with Puff Bar Ireland and the best disposable vape EU brands in the industry. There is literally not a single flavour that is not present in this fabulous stock of premium disposable Bar!

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Best Disposable Vape Shop & Puff Bar Ireland

Are you a cigarette smoker and trying to quit smoking? But don't know how to? Don't worry, as we are here to support you in this situation with the ultimate vaping solution.

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Which disposable vape will be suitable for you to replace cigarettes?

Let XMANIA answer this question; we understand how difficult it is to replace cigarettes. Therefore, to prevent you from the need for cigarettes, we have gathered one of the top quality disposable kits with high nicotine salts, which will give you a solid hit to balance your need for cigarettes.
Select your disposable kits today, examine our listed brands and buy yours today.

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Brands for Best Disposable Vapes and Puff Bar Ireland

Breathtaking products with up to 4000 Puffs per Disposable.

Elf bar, IVG 2400 Bar, Jolly Ranger Bar, Skitle Vape Bar, Fantasi Bar, Klik Klak Vape Bar, Lost Mary Bar, SKE Crystal Vape Bar.. We got it all.

We also offer a wide range rechargeable disposable vape bars from ELUX brand. They come with a built-in rechargeable battery that you can top up several times until the device finally runs out of vape juice. And if you really want to enhance your vaping experience, check out our stunning range of CBD disposable vape bars.

We have gathered multinational products around the world to entertain our customers. Consequently, let us introduce you to our top selling products in the Ireland Rechargeable Magic bar 4000 puff adjustable airflow Disposable Vape kit; this mighty product is the core image of an advanced vape's features.

So, why wait? Grab this fantastic opportunity because it's time to go big! With 4000 puffs device in your pocket. However, most customers complain about the vapes heating in bags, which is not good. This is why rechargeable magic bar disposable is our top recommendation for your need.

We Believe in Quality, and Premium Quality is our Priority

Alectrofag's has the top quality products for sale in the Ireland. We believe in quality; you will not see or receive any broken or ruined disposable kit at your doorsteps. Apart from that, you strive to be the best in the marketplace.

Check out our best disposable vape kits in the Ireland with mega discount offers:

Careless Disposable Vape

Careless have the top-selling order in the market with tons of flavours for starters and cigarette quitters. There is no buttons or sensors required to use this product. Unbox it, remove the rubber coat and enjoy your vaping with 500/600 puffs.

Geek bar Disposable Vape

We Are Offering 3 Different versions of Geek Bar Vapes, Geek Bar Lite 400 Puffs having 350mAh Build battery with 2% nicotine salt, geek bar 575 puffs with 500mAh battery life with 20mg nicotine, and Geek Bar Pro 1500 Puffs having 850mAh battery with 2% Nicotine salt. These are easy to use, pocket friendly, and come with mixed flavours at reasonable prices.

Elf bar Disposables Vape

Buy this to expand your grounds, as elf bar disposable has lifted the limit of puffs per device. Now, you can get more vaping pleasure with Elf Bar 600 puffs comes with a 550mAh battery with the addition of 2ml nicotine, and Elf Bar Pro 1500 puffs come with an 850mAh battery and 2ml e-juice capacity and 2% of nicotine with 50% VG/PG.

Elf bars are our top selling products, so grab your smartphones and order now; you will receive your order within 3 working days; we are also providing free home delivery from 60€. So, don't wait to miss this amazing opportunity; order now and enjoy your time this holiday season.

Cheap Disposable Vape Bars

Looking for the cheapest disposable vapes in Ireland? Sort our products by the lowest price and explore our range of budget-friendly vape bars for an excellent price.

Why Choose XMANIA?

Xmania is one of the pioneers of vaping industry in the Ireland. Therefore, we understand and know our customer's needs. We have stock best disposable vape kits in Dublin, IRELAND.

If you live in Dublin, visit us for a better look as we have millions more to show you for a better view. However, our latest products are also available on the website. Furthermore, you provide top quality packaging services for our customers. Your products are wrapped in the sturdiest packaging boxes called the "corrugated", which are made to protect the products in every possible way.


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