You can find all CBD Products from Hempthy brand in this category. They offer a range of CBD edibles and CBD Oils. At Xmania, you can find widest range of CBD Products in the Ireland.

About Hempthy CBD

Hempthy CBD

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Hempthy is a CBD manufacturer from the United Kingdom that aims for product excellence and the highest quality thanks to using premium ingredients.

Hempthy CBD Edibles – Gummies

Want a little more flavour in your CBD routine? To add a fruity kick to your daily dose of CBD, Hempthy‘s gummy bears are the perfect choice. Powerful, THC free and delicious, these CBD gummies are a cornerstone of Hempthy’s edibles collection. If you want to try these excellent CBD edibles for yourself, our grab bags are the best way to sample them.

Hempthy CBD oil

Hempthy’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil is 100% Legal for Consumption in the European Union and it is THC FREE (0% THC), which means no narcotic effects. Full-spectrum CBD oils contain small amounts of other cannabinoids like CBN & CBG.

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