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Check out the latest flavours in our range of delicious, high-quality e-liquids

The most important element of a good vape experience is always the base e-liquids in the kit. Without excellent quality and a smooth, even flavour, you won't be fully satisfied. Browse our full range of delicious vape juice options and let us know if you need any help with your purchase.

What are e-liquids made of?

The e-liquid is the fluid in your vape kit that is turned into vapour by the heating element. It is mostly composed of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Both of these ingredients disperse well when heated and that’s mainly what you are seeing in those clouds of delicious vapour.

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In addition to these two, manufacturers add in combinations of safe natural and artificial flavours to make your e-liquids vape as delicious as possible. Nicotine may or may not be included in the list of ingredients, so depending on your goals you will need to check if it is present before you make your purchase.

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What flavours of e-liquid can I choose from?

Manufacturers have become more adventurous with flavours as vaping has become more popular. You can choose everything from standard classic flavours like apple peach to more fun options like pink lemonade, blueberry sour raspberry, or exotic kiwi passionfruit and guava. New flavours are added all the time, so make sure to check back here regularly.

Why do so many people prefer vaping?

Here are our top 5 reasons to ditch cigarettes and embrace the way of the vape:

  • Vaping is virtually odorless when compared to cigarettes
  • Fun and always changing variety of flavours to suit all tastes
  • You save money! Vaping is cheaper than smoking
  • More control over your experience. You choose the strength and output of your kit
  • You can go nicotine-low or nicotine-free if you are trying to kick the habit

How do I use my replacement e-liquid?

Replenishing your kit couldn't be easier. If you are using prefilled replaceable pods, simply remove the old one and insert your new pod. If you are refilling a tank, simply unscrew this from the kit and refill with your choice of the best vape e-liquids to suit your taste.

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Stock up on the best replacement e-liquids right now

Our stock of delicious e-liquids changes all the time and you can choose from any one of our range of fun and flavourful options to find the very best e-liquid for you. Take some time to browse and then check back often to make sure you never run out of your favourite e-liquid refills.