The Instafill 3500 Disposable Vape is a revolutionary device in the vaping industry, designed to offer a greener, more cost-effective alternative to traditional disposable vapes. It comes with a rechargeable and refillable system, ensuring users can enjoy up to 3500 puffs per device. The vape features a 10ml built-in e-liquid bottle filled with 20mg nic salt e-liquid, providing a smooth throat hit across a variety of flavors. Powered by a 500mAh battery, it supports USB-C fast charging, ensuring you can quickly recharge the device for continuous use

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Unlike standard disposable vapes, the Instafill 3500 is designed with a workaround to the 2ml volume limit on disposables in the EU, featuring a 10ml bottle of e-liquid and a 2ml auto-refill pod. This system not only complies with TPD regulations but also maximizes the device's efficiency and lifespan. Users can easily refill the pod by tilting the device and pressing a button, activating a smart vacuum pump that transfers the liquid from the bottle to the pod​​.

This innovative hybrid disposable stands out by offering a remarkable puff capacity and an environmentally friendly vaping solution. It incorporates patented vape technology for easy and clean e-liquid replenishment, with a 2ml tank, a built-in 0.8 Ohm mesh coil for enhanced flavor and vapor production, and convenient Type-C charging. The device is beginner-friendly and highly portable, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go vaping​​.

The Instafill 3500 is available in 14 popular disposable vape nic salt flavors, ensuring a wide range of options for users to enjoy a satisfying MTL (Mouth To Lung) experience. With its innovative design, the Instafill 3500 sets a new standard in the disposable vape market, providing a more sustainable and cost-effective vaping experience.