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Iceberg snus is one of the strongest varieties we have at, they can be found with anything between 75-150 mg of nicotine. We have one of the largest ranges of Iceberg snus, where we have as many as 8 different flavours of the strong ones

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Our range of Iceberg nicotine pouches in Ireland

Iceberg nicotine pouches represent one of the leading brands of nicotine pouches that we provide.

This is a popular brand due largely to the fact that it is one of the strongest varieties of nicotine pouches we have to offer. Containing between 75-150mg, and available at great price, this is one of the most popular snus/nicotine pouches brands that we sell.

Additionally, we also offer a wonderfully diverse range of Iceberg snus, with many different flavours to choose from, including Gummy Bears, Bubblegum, Melon Mix, and Double Apple. Check out our awesome range, and choose the one that most appeals to you.

Meet the Iceberg nicotine pouches: one of the strongest pouches in the Irish market

Introducing Iceberg Nicotine Pouches – the epitome of modern nicotine satisfaction, specially crafted for those who crave a smoke-free alternative with a burst of exquisite flavour. Iceberg has redefined the nicotine experience, setting a new standard in the world of pouch products across Ireland.

Find your perfect flavor and strength (75 - 150 mg)

Dive into a world of variety with Iceberg's extensive range of flavours. From the classic coolness of mint to mouth-watering fruity blends, each pouch promises a burst of flavour that caters to all taste buds. The meticulous attention to flavour crafting ensures that every bag delivers a satisfying and delightful experience, making each moment with Iceberg memorable.

Why Iceberg Nicotine Pouches?

Iceberg Nicotine Pouches aren't just about flavour; they represent a commitment to quality and safety. They are a tobacco-free product, providing a trustworthy alternative for individuals seeking a more responsible nicotine choice than smoking.

What sets Iceberg apart is its departure from traditional snus, offering a cleaner and more contemporary option for those who would like to move away from vaping or traditional cigarettes and remain nicotine enthusiasts.

The pouches are designed to be:

  • discreet,
  • portable,
  • and easy to use

– perfect for those who lead a fast-paced lifestyle.

Enjoy the freedom to savour nicotine without the social stigma or lingering odours associated with traditional tobacco products. We're proud to provide you with one of the best options in Ireland, with a variety of strengths ranging from 75mg to 150mg.

How do you use Iceberg Nicotine Pouches?

Using nicotine pouches is a straightforward process, offering an ideal and discreet way to enjoy nicotine without the need for smoking. Here's a quick guide on how to use nicotine pouches effectively:

  1. Choose Your Flavour: Start by selecting a flavour that suits your taste preferences. Whether you favour the classic coolness of mint or the fruity burst of a tropical blend, there's a variety of options to explore.
  2. Remove a Pouch: Wash your hands and take a single pouch from the container. The bag is designed to be small, portable, discreet and easy to handle.
  3. Place Pouch Under the Lip: Position the pouch comfortably under your upper or lower lip. You can select the side that feels most comfortable for you.
  4. Enjoy: Allow the pouch to release its flavour and nicotine gradually. The discrete nature of nicotine pouches enables you to enjoy the experience without the need for smoking. Remember to check the duration of the pouch's effects to ensure you have an enjoyable experience that suits your needs.

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What’s the difference between Iceberg nicotine pouches and snus?

Iceberg pouches are not snus, which originated over in Sweden and are not widely acceptable here in Ireland. However, iceberg pouches are beautifully crafted to create an experience that surpasses its competitors, with a strength of over 50mg on average.

The main difference to note is that traditionally, a Snus will contain ground tobacco leaves alongside the flavours. Iceberg nicotine pouches, however, include a much purer nicotine extract alongside natural fillers, such as plant-based fibres and gum.

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Shop Iceberg Nicotine Pouches in Ireland at Xmania

Elevate your moments with Iceberg – where flavour meets discretion, and satisfaction knows no bounds. Choose Iceberg Nicotine Pouches now for a modern twist on a classic snus experience.