Supreme snus is one of the strongest flavours on the market, with a whopping 100mg of nicotine. For this reason, the product is obviously only recommended for more experienced consumers. Supreme snus is available in a multitude of flavours.

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Snus is a product that is a tobacco derivative originating from Sweden in the 18th Century, which is placed between the inside of the top lip and gum. It is a compelling alternative to cigarettes, and Supreme snus is one of the strongest flavours on the market. With more than 100mg of nicotine, this is a product recommended primarily for more experienced users, and available in a variety of different flavours.

We have loads of great Supreme snus flavours to choose from for the most experimental and adventurous user. Explosive flavour profiles such as Cold Mint, Gummy Bears, Super Melon, and  Summer Explosion are among the most delicious and memorable flavours we have to offer. All available at affordable rates, and ready to revolutionise your cravings!