How long does ELFA Refillable Pod last in days?

How long does elfa pod last in days?

The questions on every true vaper’s mind, when they spend good money on quality vapes, are how long does an ELFA refillable pod last and how many puffs are in an ELFA pod. Of course, these are subjective and depend upon the user’s lung capacity, frequency of use, depth of draw, and other factors.

Having said that, there are certainly some guidelines to keep in mind that will give you a good rule of thumb when selecting your next pod. The listed number of puffs on each Elf Bar is typically 600 but this also is not exact and depends upon the user.

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How long does ELFA Pod last in days?

In a study carried out in 2015 known as the ‘1 Million Puffs Study,’ the median number of puffs per user per day came out at about 132. By simple extrapolation here, and assuming you don’t deviate too much from this, you could expect your pod to last about 4.5 days.

The study was carried out on 185 people and showed large variation not only between participants but also for individuals from day to day and for the trial. The number of puffs tended to fall off from over 200 per day down to about 120 over the course of 60 days.

If you fall within this range, and the vast majority of us will, this predicts a typical duration of between 3 and 5 days. The study also measured puff duration with variability ranging from as little as 0.6 seconds to as much as 10. Another study put the average puff at about 0.75 seconds.

Every person is different, but if you are near that average then you should expect to get pretty close to your 600 puffs and use them up over about 4 days.

However, people who vape more can use all 600 puffs over one day.

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How do you know when Elfa Pod runs out?

The sure way to know your Elf Bar needs to be replaced is a slightly burnt flavour from your draw. This comes from the battery heating little more than residue as the e-juice has been fully drained from the pod. Another indicator is the blue flashing light on the bottom of your disposable bar.

ELFA Pod System

ELFA Pod System

Either way, it’s time to stock up on your favourite supply or check out some new flavours.

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How long does the ELFA battery last?

The average life expectancy of a vape bar battery is generally accepted to be around 3 to 4 days for heavier vapers. This can be considerably longer though, even up to two weeks for more causal users.

The good news is that the battery is calculated to last about as long as it will take you to use up all your puffs on that one pod. If you draw harder and longer, it will use up your battery faster and vice versa.

If you’re using a rechargeable vape kit you’ll get about the same life from your battery and when you need to charge up, all you need is your USB type C port, cable, and an electrical outlet. Once the 500mAh battery is full you can expect to get about another 600 puffs before you need to plug in again.

Shelf life and storage of ELFA Vape Kit

The e-juice in your Elf Bar kit will degrade over time, so when you are stocking up always check the dates and buy the newest ones you can. They will last up to two years and retain their high quality if you keep them in a cool dry place away from sources of direct sunlight.

With recent cost of living increases globally, it can make sense to shore up your supply a little bit in advance to save some money further on down the line.

The last word

Many factors contribute to the life of your disposable or reusable vape bar, but over time you’ll develop a good sense of how long each will typically last you. It’s also interesting to note that users tended to vape a little less over time, so if it seems like you are going through them pretty fast at first, the likelihood is that this will fall off over time.

More importantly, you need to have a great selection on hand to help you kick the smoking habit, save cash and have a great vaping experience. Check out our full range of vaping products and enjoy vaping with our next-day delivery in Ireland.


How many puffs are in an Elfa prefilled pod?

There are approximately 600 puffs in each pod. The average user will go through about 130 or so of these per day.

How long does the Elfa bar charge last?

It takes approximately 30 to 90 minutes to fully charge your bar. After that, depending on how deep you draw and frequently you use it, your battery will last typically anything from 3 days to as much as two weeks.


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