Review of IVG 2400 Bar: Four disposable vapes in one

IVG 2400 Review

If you are a fan of disposable e-cigarettes, then this is something you should most definitely try. The IVG 2400 Vape Bar elevates the experience of effortless puffs to a whole new level.

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What makes it so special? Find out in our review.

In this review you can find out:

  1. What score we awarded the IVG 2400 Bar
  2. What pros we found
  3. What are the cons of this device
  4. A detailed review of the IVG 2400 Bar

Our score:

  • Performance: 10/10
  • Ease of use: 10/10
  • Nicotine intensity: 10/10
  • Flavour availability: 10/10
  • Flavour authenticity: 9/10
  • Price: 9/10
  • Design: 10/10

Total score: 9,7/10


  • Ease of use
  • Design
  • Longevity
  • Flavour availability


  • Higher price
  • Oversized unit

IVG 2400 Review: Revolutionary in a stylish design

Disposable e-cigarettes hold an irreplaceable position on the market. They are compact, affordable and will serve you wherever you travel. And all without having to deal with refills or recharging. Of course, all within limited resources. Until now. The IVG 2400 Bar – a game-changing, revolutionary disposable model has just hit the market.

IVG 2400 Vape Bar Review

Enjoy four more times the fun

One of the greatest advantages of this cigarette is its number of puffs. From ordinary disposable vape bars, you may be used to 600 puffs. These is the typical number of puffs. However, what if we told you that you can have four times as many?

The number 2400 in the name of the e-cigarette is not at all accidental. It actually refers to the 2,400 available puffs. The trick is in the four two-millilitre cartridges placed one next to the other inside the unit. A major benefit is that you can do this right at the get-go – before your first puff. From that moment on, you are guaranteed to never run out of liquid until the cartridges are completely empty.

IVG 2400 – Pineapple Ice (Disposable Pod Kit) 20MG

Original price was: 13.95€.Current price is: 13.45€. (incl.VAT)

Practical in all aspects

User-friendly features require neither experience nor skill. All you have to do is remove the drip tip, insert the cartridges into the preset slots, and screw them back in.

You then rotate the knob between numbers 1 – 4, depending on which cartridge you want to take a puff from. There are actually two knobs there, one at the tank and one at the drip tip. Simply turn them clockwise.

Done. You are ready for the next puff.

This “setup” is extremely straightforward and intuitive. You will also appreciate the fact that there are no buttons of any kind on the device. It is an auto-draw activated device.

IVG 2400 – Blue Razz Cherry (Disposable Pod Kit) 20MG

Original price was: 13.95€.Current price is: 13.45€. (incl.VAT)

It’s also mindful of the planet

Even though disposable e-cigarettes have a number of advantages, they do have one significant disadvantage. Whether we like it or not, they do pollute the planet. After all, both the plastic unit and the battery are meant to be thrown away after one use.

This is why the long endurance of the IVG 2400 is more than welcome. Because instead of four disposables, you only throw away one unit, making the product up to 75% more environmentally friendly compared to the competition.

IVG 2400 – Blackcurrant Lemonade (Disposable Pod Kit) 20MG

Original price was: 13.95€.Current price is: 13.45€. (incl.VAT)

The battery survives all pods

Do you still remember the four pods in the unit? They are the equivalent of four disposable e-cigarettes. And the battery life needs to match that fact. And it certainly does. In this case, a 1,500 mAh battery can fit in the device, making it more than sufficient.

Of course, its lifetime also depends on the frequency and duration of individual puffs. But you don’t have to be concerned at all, the average smoker can manage just fine with this capacity.

IVG 2400 – Lemon & Lime (Disposable Pod Kit) 20MG

Original price was: 13.95€.Current price is: 13.45€. (incl.VAT)

The mixture of flavours guarantees a special tasting experience

As is often the case with disposable cigarettes, the tastes of smokers are diverse. Some like fruit, others herbs. So with IVG 2400 you can count on a variety of fillings, including, for example, the popular cherry, refreshing tropical fruit or amazing lemon and lime.

Especially popular have become “tasting kits” which contain pods in four different flavours. Not only can you put them all in your cigarette at the same time, taste and compare in real time, but the cartridges are also conveniently marked. That way you know exactly what you’re smoking.

IVG 2400 Disposable VapeBy the way, all fillings for the IVG 2400 are nicotine salt based. Thanks to this, you’ll experience an instant nicotine rush without the scratchy feeling in your throat.

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What more to add? The IVG 2400 Bar disposable e-cigarette is an incredibly impressive piece of work and will no doubt shine rather brightly in the world of disposable vapes. One of its greatest benefits is not just the extraordinary number of puffs, but also the ease of use. Putting in fillings and selecting the right one can be handled even by an absolute beginner.

IVG 2400 – Strawberry Ice (Disposable Pod Kit) 20MG

Original price was: 13.95€.Current price is: 13.45€. (incl.VAT)

Add the beautiful design and long battery life, and you’ve got a full-featured travel companion. Perhaps the only drawback is that the IVG 2400 is considerably more bulky compared to its thinner competitors, but that can be reasonably justified. Higher purchasing cost may also bother some smokers, although when converted to four average disposables, you may even save money.


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