Meet ELFA Vape Kit: The Reusable Elf Bar Pod

ELFA: Reusable Elf Bar

You probably already love Elf Bar products as much as you do, so if you haven’t tried the new reusable Elf Bar yet, you’re in for a real treat. It has the same sleek design as the Elf Bar disposables you’ve come to know and love but with some new features that will surprise you.

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Reusable Elf Bar: What is the ELFA pod kit?

When you start your vape journey it’s a great idea to use disposables until you find your feet. Once you’ve settled on a product you like and have a good idea of the flavours you enjoy, it makes sense to move to vape kits with reusable pods.

The new reusable Elf Bar vape kit and pods are perfect for users who know the brand they enjoy, want to cut down on waste, and potentially save money at the same time.

ELFA Vape Kit - Reusable Elf Bar

ELFA Vape Kit – Reusable Elf Bar

The vape kit itself is the reusable part and comes pre-loaded with a reusable Elf Bar pod that is easily replaced. Essentially this is a reusable vape-like elf bar that will reduce the amount of waste generated in half and give you access to a greater range of flavours.

The kits are designed to be used with Elfa pre-filled pods which are sold in handy packs of 2. Each pod contains 2ml of 20mg of nicotine salts E-Liquids created to deliver an ultra-smooth throat hit than conventional E-Liquids.

ELFA Vape Kit - Prefilled Disposable Pod System

ELFA Vape Kit – Prefilled Disposable Pod System

The kits need no maintenance, require no coil changes and a single charge delivers up to 600 puffs to make sure you won’t run low before you’ve enjoyed your entire pod.

Reusable Elf Bar - ELFA Vape Kit

Reusable Elf Bar – ELFA Vape Kit

Ready to give it a try? You can check out our great range of reusable pod flavours right here and order your first pre-loaded reusable Elf Bar vape kit in just a few clicks.

What’s the difference between a reusable and disposable Elf Bar?

Let’s be clear, we love everything about both of these options, but the smart cookies at Elf have been almost too successful in their goal to make a reusable experience that mimics the sleek disposable option. The result is that on the surface at least, the two products are virtually indistinguishable.

Elf Bar Disposable Vape 600 puffs Ireland

Elf Bar Disposable Vape 600 puffs Ireland

While they look and feel the same, your disposable vape bar is a single-use item that comes in one indivisible unit. They come prefilled with up to 600 puffs and a 550mAh battery that allows you to enjoy your vape down to the last draw.

Curious about the Elf Bar 600 Disposable Vape? We’ve got you covered with our in-depth Elf Bar 600 review here.

Your pre-loaded Elfa Vape Kit meanwhile, comes with a single replaceable and disposable E-liquid pod which is not to be confused with a disposable ‘bar’. This means that when you finish your 600 puff pod you remove it from the kit, replace it with another and recharge your battery with a USB-C cable.

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Why choose a reusable Elf Bar vape kit?

The short answer is that it’s because it’s awesome, sleek, and the flavours are delicious. Here’s the long answer in bullet format in case you don’t believe us yet:

  • Save money: reusable pods come in 600-puff twin packs or 1200 puffs in total. This costs less than a single 600-puff disposable bar.
  • Cut down on waste: The largest part of the disposable or reusable vape is the holder. The entire bar is discarded in the disposable version but only the smaller pod component is thrown away in the reusable version.
  • Discrete and convenient: The Elf Bar vape kit is easily held in the palm of your hand.
  • Variety of flavours: Elf is famous for its wide range of fun and innovative flavours.
  • Smooth throat hit: Added nicotine salts E-Liquid provides the silkiest of smooth throat hits.
  • Richer flavour: ELFA mesh coil technology ensures a rich flavour experience.
Reusable Elf Bar: Elfa - prefilled pod kit

Reusable Elf Bar: Elfa – prefilled pod kit

How to use your reusable Elf Bar after it runs out

Remove the pod (the mouthpiece end) from the vape kit (the part you hold in your hand). Take a new pod out of the packaging, remove the protective sticker from the base, and slide it into the vape kit. Twist it until it clicks and your pod is now fully inserted.

If required, plug the vape kit into a power source to recharge the battery as you would any other device.

And that’s it!

What kind of flavours does Elf Bar offer?

If you’ve fallen in love with the smooth taste of Elf Bar products and you love to experiment with different flavours you are in luck, because the flavour masters at Elf Bar love to mix things up flavour-wise as well.

We stock all of the most popular pods including Elfbull and Juicy Peach, as well as less mainstream experiences like Cherry Cola and Blueberry Bubblegum. The flavour options are always changing so make sure to bookmark the page and check back often.

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The final verdict

It’s safe to say that we love this product and give it two big happy thumbs up. Elf Bar’s new reusable option is a great environmentally friendly pick as well as a potential money saver. If you’re thinking about moving from ELFA disposables, this is a great inexpensive way to do it. You can purchase a wide range of Reusable Vapes here at Xmania and enjoy vaping with our next-day delivery in Ireland.


How long does an ELFA pod last?

Like all vaping products, the harder your draw the faster your pod will be used up. The ELFA pods are designed for up to 600 puffs which will last the average user about 2 to 3 days.

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How many puffs are in an ELFA pod?

Up to 600.

How do I use my ELFA prefilled pods?

Remove from the packaging. Peel away the protective film at the base of the pod. Insert it into your reusable kit and you are ready to go!

How do I refill an ELFA pod?

The pods are disposable so you don’t need to refill them.

Where can I buy ELFA pods in Ireland?

So glad you asked! You can order them right here.


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