What is 50/50 Vape Juice?

What is 50/50 Vape Juice?

When vaping, one of the most fundamental questions is the correct ratio of PG to VG in vape juice. This is something that not only beginners are wondering about, but experienced vapers are frequently eager to make a change as well. We will discuss the balanced ratio 50/50 of the two substances in today’s article. You will find out what makes it taste good as well as who should reach for such an e-liquid.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to encourage the use of any addictive substances. This content is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. The article includes subjective opinions of the author. Nicotine is highly addictive.

What is the 50/50 ratio in Eliquids?

E-liquids, the fillings for electronic cigarettes – or vape kitsconsist of two main substances – a synthetic food additive known as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, a colourless, watery, natural substance. Both play an essential role in vaping.

Propylene glycol (i.e. PG) is the flavour carrier in the vape solution. There is a direct correlation that the more PG in the vape solution, the richer the flavour.

On the other hand, vegetable glycerin (VG) is basically tasteless. When vaping, however, it ensures the creation of vapour clouds. Vapers looking to maximize the vapour are thus most likely to reach for the higher VG concentrations.

The 50/50 Vape Juice means, that PG to VG is in a 50/50 ratio in that particular e-liquid.

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Why choose 50PG/50VG ratio?

As you might have guessed, a balanced ratio of both ingredients in vape juice offers the ideal blend of flavour and vapour. And on top of that – such e-liquid is neither too thick nor too thin. It is suitable for use with coils that have a medium resistance of approximately 0.6 ohm. Such a propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin ratio is suitable for MTL vaping with a  mouth-to-lung draw.

Using a coil below 0.5 ohm and inhaling directly into your lungs is not recommended. Due to its low VG concentration, the formula will be too thin for such low resistance. In the best case scenario you would be pulling the liquid directly into your mouth, in the worst case scenario it might leak out of the atomizer at any time.

For whom is the 50/50 Vape Juice recommended?

Are you one of those vapers who enjoy maintaining the proper amount of flavour, but at the same time like to watch the vapour rising to the sky? If so, the 50/50 ratio is just the thing for you. It’s ideal for home use, when you don’t want a room full of vapour.


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