7 Best Cherry Disposable Vapes According to Xmania in 2024

Best Cherry Disposable Vapes

In our recent research, Cherry emerged as Ireland’s most popular disposable vape flavour. So we decided to put together this article where we explore the top contenders in the world of cherry-flavored disposables available in Ireland.

We’ll be highlighting standout options from industry leaders like Lost Mary, Elf Bar and IVG.

These vapes aren’t just praised for their mouthwatering cherry taste – they’re also celebrated for their portability, ease of use, and ability to deliver a truly satisfying vape experience.

But why cherry disposable vape?

This beloved flavor goes beyond just taste. Here’s what makes cherry so special:

  • Versatility unbound: Cherry flavour can be sweet and juicy, bursting with candy-like goodness. Craving something a little more complex? Cherry can also deliver a delightful tang or a subtle tartness. This range allows for a spectrum of cherry-based disposables to satisfy any taste preference. Solo or blended with other fruits or a touch of menthol, cherry vapes offer endless flavor combinations to choose from.
  • A blast from the past: For many vapers, cherry evokes a sense of nostalgia. It brings back childhood memories of sweet cherry candies and delicious desserts. This familiarity adds a comforting layer to your vape, making it a pleasant and dependable choice.
  • Smooth Sailing: Cherry’s rich flavor profile isn’t just delicious, it integrates beautifully with the vapor. Each inhale is smooth and enjoyable, offering a perfect balance of refreshing and indulgent.

Cherries (Source: Unsplash)

Best cherry disposable vapes according to Xmania

Diving into the vibrant world of cherry-flavored vapes, we’ve meticulously tasted and tested a wide array of disposable vapes to bring you what we believe are the absolute best on the market. Our selections are driven by a passion for capturing the perfect balance of flavor, vapor quality, ensuring that each puff is as delightful as the last.

1. Lost Mary QM600 Cherry Ice: Perfect taste + fashion accessory (10/10)

Kicking off our list of top cherry disposable vapes, the Lost Mary QM600 – Cherry Ice stands out as a true gem.

It delivers an exhilarating flavor profile that is vibrant and refreshing. Upon the first inhale, you are greeted with the sweet, rich essence of cherry, embodying the perfect balance between sweetness and a slight tartness that cherry aficionados adore.

This initial burst of cherry is seamlessly followed by a wave of cool menthol, creating a refreshing ice effect that elevates the flavor profile to new heights. The menthol’s sharp freshness slices through the sweetness, providing a delightful and energizing sensation for vaping that leaves the taste buds both rejuvenated and content.

Cherry Ice Disposable Vape Flavour

Cherry Ice Disposable Vape Flavour

Thanks to the innovative QUAQ technology and the all-new mesh coil, each puff from the Lost Mary QM600 is very consistent. The blend of sweet cherry and icy menthol is faithfully reproduced with every draw. When compared to the same flavor of the previous BM600 version, the QM600 flavor is indeed a bit more intense, authentic & consistent, however, the difference is very small. 

What also distinguishes this vape is its visually stunning design. Encased in crystal pods and embellished with laser stickers, it sports a discreetly luminous elegance that’s ahead of its time. Using the Lost Mary QM600 is not just about enjoying vaping; it’s about making a style statement with a device that doubles as a chic accessory.

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2. ELF BAR 600 V2 Cherry Cola: Nostalgia all over (9.5/10)


Original price was: 6.99€.Current price is: 5.49€.

Each puff from this device, powered by the latest QUAQ mesh coil technology —shared with the Lost Mary QM600—, bursts with the nostalgic, fizzy sweetness of cherry cola. This advancement in flavor excellence is propelled by the revolutionary QUAQ CELL, a pioneering integrated atomizing power system that fuses a battery with a PCBA, ensuring unparalleled consistency and superior quality of the flavour.

Cherry Cola Disposable Vape Flavour

Cherry Cola Disposable Vape Flavour

Mirroring the progression seen in the Lost Mary QM600’s leap over its predecessor, the BM600, the ELF BAR 600 V2 similarly sets a new benchmark for flavor fidelity when placed side by side with the original ELF BAR 600 V1. Beyond its technological advancements, the ELF BAR 600 V2 sets itself apart with a striking metallic design, adding a touch of elegance and durability. This stylish update signifies the evolution of the ELF BAR series, making the V2 version a standout choice for those who enjoyed its previous version.

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3. IVG 2400 4 in 1 Blue Razz Cherry: A really juicy experience (9/10)

IVG 2400 – Blue Razz Cherry (Disposable Pod Kit) 20MG

Original price was: 13.95€.Current price is: 13.45€.

A well-known brand in the vape industry IVG (I Vape Great) takes pride in introducing the UK’s first 2400-puff disposable vape. The structure of the IVG 2400 features an innovative spinning pod system accompanied by 4 x 2ml pods and 4 x mesh coils, ensuring that one device lasts 4 times longer than classic 600 puff disposables. When one pod depletes, you simply lift and switch the mechanism to the next pod. Some IVG 2400 Pods have different flavors, but in the case of Blue Razz Cherry, all 4 Pods are the same. Powered by a 1500mAh battery, it easily supports all 2400 puffs without dying too soon.

Blue Razz Cherry Disposable Vape Flavour

Blue Razz Cherry Disposable Vape Flavour

The flavor is tasty and authentic (perhaps just a little bit less authentic than in Elf Bars or Lost Marys, but the difference is really insignificant). Imagine a sweet and juicy blue raspberry base perfectly balanced with a touch of tart cherry. This combination creates a refreshing and complex vape that’s nostalgic and also undeniably delicious. The device is a bit more robust, but that is expected given its performance and capacity.

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4. Crystal Bar 600 Fizzy Cherry: Vibrant and invigorating (8/10)

Continuing our selection of top-tier cherry disposable vapes, the Fizzy Cherry of Crystal Bar 600 Disposable Vape Bar offers a refreshingly crisp take on the classic cherry flavor.

The Fizzy Cherry flavor explodes with a rich cherry essence, enhanced by an enticing fizz that lifts the overall taste, crafting an energizing vaping adventure. It mirrors the sensation of a fizzy cherry soda, masterfully mixing sweetness with a hint of tanginess to delight your palate.

Fizzy Cherry Disposable Vape Flavour

Fizzy Cherry Disposable Vape Flavour

However, it’s worth noting that while the Crystal Bar 600 delivers on flavor, its battery life can sometimes fall short of expectations, especially when compared to the longevity offered by the latest iterations from Lost Mary and Elf Bar, such as the QM600 and V2, which benefit from the enhanced efficiency of QUAQ mesh coil technology.

This slight drawback aside, the Fizzy Cherry continues to be a favorite for those seeking a truly vibrant cherry vape flavour.

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5. ELFBAR AF5000 Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice: For long vaping sessions (8/10)

Meticulously crafted blend that tantalizes the taste buds with every puff. This particular flavor profile combines the juicy sweetness of strawberries, the tart freshness of raspberries, and the vibrant zest of cherries, all culminating in a refreshing ice finish that invigorates and pleases the palate. The result is a harmonious fusion of berry flavors, with the ice aspect providing a cooling aftertaste that makes each vaping session uniquely satisfying.

Strawberry Raspberry Chery Ice Disposable Vape Flavour

Strawberry Raspberry Chery Ice Disposable Vape Flavour

Beyond its flavorful offerings, the Elf Bar AF5000 is distinguished by its impressive capacity to deliver up to 5000 puffs per device while staying TPD compliant. And its high-capacity system could be a game-changer on the vaping market. The device comes equipped with a Type-C charging port, allowing for quick and convenient recharging, so you’re never left waiting.

6. Lost Mary BM600 Cherry Peach Lemonade: A classic that never gets old (7.5/10)

Despite the advent of newer Lost Mary models (like BM600S or QM600) and technological enhancements, the Lost Mary BM600 Cherry Peach Lemonade variant remains a refreshing testament to the enduring appeal of creative flavor combinations, simplicity, and portability. It’s a vibrant blend that continues to captivate, proving that innovative flavors can become instant classics.

Cherry Peach Lemonade Disposable Vape Flavour

Cherry Peach Lemonade Disposable Vape Flavour

This particular variant combines the sweet, lush notes of cherry with the juicy zest of peach, all rounded off with a tangy lemonade finish. This blend of Cherry Peach Lemonade stands as a bright, flavorful testament to the lasting appeal of well-crafted e-liquids in a world of ever-evolving vaping technology

Also, Lost Mary BM600’s portability stays unmatched, thanks to its slender shape and durable construction.

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7. ELF BAR 600 Blueberry Cranberry Cherry: Another timeless classic (7.5/10)

The ELF BAR 600 still stands as a distinguished classic in the vast sea of disposable vapes, holding its ground even in the face of newer models like the Elf Bar V2, which boasts enhanced technologies. This particular blend, featuring the rich tapestry of blueberry, cranberry, and cherry flavors, delivers a unique and satisfying taste that is complex and harmonious.

Blueberry Cranberry Cherry Disposable Vape Flavour

Blueberry Cranberry Cherry Disposable Vape Flavour

Each fruit component contributes its signature notes – the sweet and tart blueberries, the sharp zest of cranberries, and the deep, sweet undertones of cherry – creating a multi-layered and refreshing flavour.

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Cherries (Source: Unsplash)

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new cherry flavors

So, you’ve vaped your way through our list of the best cherry-flavored disposable vapes available in Ireland. With a wide range of options to choose from, from pure cherry sweetness to exciting flavor fusions, we hope you’ve found your ideal match.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new flavor combinations to discover your personal favorite. Head over to our selection of disposables and find your next favorite cherry flavour.



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